Shaving oddities

Updated 2018-02-15
About one in nineteen of my blog posts are about old and new shaving oddities and patents I've found online, and I've gathered them here for your enjoyment, from the newest to the oldest:

"Handle-less" safety razor patent

Lit face and burnt hands
Curvefit for the ladies
Match book razor - another novelty
A novelty safety razor; the Yawnmower
A 1945 disposable razor

Vintage travel razor advertisment
More Twin injector information
A crank magnet for the cart crowd
What is it about magnets and razors?

More magnetic magic - razor blade edge reconditioner
Pseudo-scientific razor-conditioning device
Multiple-edge safety-razor - old and bizarre patent
Nothing new under the sun - razors with rollers
Old patent - a Swedish safety razor

Tiny safety razor
Stahly Live Blade Wind-up Vibrating Safety Razor
Lovely old blade bank
Neat folding razor
Multiple blade safety razor with aligning means

Intentionally broken brush
Disposable SE razor with shaving cream in the handle
Home made hair trimmer
Design concept - roll up razor
Device for cleaning and drying safety-razor blades

Razor blade injector and disposal device
Glass Monoblock Razor
An 00's folding matchbook razor
A "matchbox" folding razor
Compact cassette sanitary kit - an 80's patent

Disposable shaving brush made from paper
Wear indicator for a disposable razor
A cartridge straight
Gillette's 1950's magazine razor
Appliance for vibrating a safety razor

A possible shocking shave
Three-piece, two-piece... one-piece?
Bronze age razors
A different Single Edge razor
Tiny little travel razor

Shaving lather moistening and heating device
Shaving cream applicator
Device for razor and toothbrush containing shaving cream dispensers therein
Shaving cream can with mirror
Disposable razor with shaving cream in handle

Hand cranked shaving brush
Soap dispensing shaving brush
Dispoable sanitary shaving brush
Easy clean shaving brush
Fountain shaving brush

Shaving brushes for canned foam
Shaving brush for fumble fingers
Cart? DE? SE? Straight? Shavette?
Trouble honing your SE blade?
Shaving in the dark...

Warm razor for cold days
Semi-disposable injector razor
Quad Edge razor - when Double Edge isn't enough
Pseudo-scientific razor
Shake it sharp!

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